Which events will be streamed LIVE on TriathlonLive?


Currently TriathlonLIVE broadcasts all Elite Women's (EW), Men's (EM) and Mixed Team Relay (MR) races from the World Triathlon Series.

2018 World Triathlon Series LIVE streams:

  • Abu Dhabi (EW, EM)
  • Bermuda (EW, EM)
  • Yokohama (EW, EM)
  • Nottingham (MR)
  • Leeds (EW, EM)
  • Hamburg (EW, EM, MR)
  • Edmonton (EW, EM)
  • Montreal (EW, EM)
  • Gold Coast (EW, EM)

TriathlonLIVE broadcasts give you access to: 

  • Live Elite Men's & Women's racing 19 races (8 WTS events) in 2018
  • 3 Mixed Relay Series events in 2018
  • On-demand race replays. Spoiler free, on-demand replays of all live races!
  • One hour WTS event recap shows Highlights, commentary, interviews
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Exclusive World Cup magazine shows
  • Extensive historical video archive over 300 hours of footage

This coverage applies to Elite Events only. Please note that we can't provide coverage for Paratriathlon, Age Group or other races. Video streaming & live timing where available will be on triathlon.org/live.

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